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With Fractional Executive Services

Take the mystery out of mastering the digital channel within your community bank, credit union, or other financial services organization.

  • Scale growth and revenue
  • Reduce overhead and expenses
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction

Leadership and expertise specifically tailored to financial services

Serving smaller financial institutions

Right-sized marketing strategies and solutions to your biggest challenges

Flexible leadership model

Marketing leadership with a thorough understanding of technology and its impact to your business

Realize potential of digital

Avoid costly false starts and missteps by using proven best practices and frameworks

Digital is the great equalizer

A sound digital strategy can enable even the smallest of institutions to achieve success in the most competitive markets.

Rokture's fractional model eliminates guesswork by providing access to a digital expert that can lead you towards utilizing digital to its fullest potential.

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What is a Fractional Digital Marketing Executive?

Imagine having your own part-time executive to lead your digital marketing efforts and be responsible for all your digital marketing goals.

That’s what a Fractional Chief Digital Marketing Officer does!

A great Fractional CDMO starts by aligning with your goals and crafting a comprehensive marketing roadmap to make them a reality. This leader also ensures your team is motivated and inspired. They even implement systems and processes to turn your marketing department into a reliable asset for your company.

All this and more crafted specifically for community banks, credit unions, and other smaller financial institutions. Let’s discuss your goals and drive your business to success!

Let's work together

Fractional Chief Digital Marketing Officer

Development of a comprehensive marketing strategy with prioritized campaigns, digital roadmap, and KPI dashboard. I’ll work with your team daily to execute the developed strategy.

Half-day consult

An in-person or remote 4-hour session where I’ll outline the customer journey and determine essential next steps to achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

Ongoing advisor

Check-ins every other week helping to ensure your team will stay on track and campaigns are continually refined based on captured analytics. 

“Why I care about elevating your marketing presence”

I know it can be frustrating for a company to feel at a disadvantage compared to larger financial institutions. Thankfully digital has leveled the playing field and smaller financial services organizations can finally compete on their own unique merits.

I’m Fernando Pena, Founder of Rokture. I have over 25 years of experience leading digital transformations and executing marketing initiatives using a combination of comprehensive strategies, proven frameworks, and an ability to develop creative solutions that don’t require huge amounts of resources.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that a smaller institution can provide exactly what the market demands and can easily exceed customer expectations with the right strategies in place. 

Let’s discuss how we can partner together to achieve (and exceed) all of your marketing goals and objectives!

I've worked with

Download a Case Study

Learn how digital transformation helped a bank achieve their growth goals. See how they discovered their true potential!

What does a fractional CDMO do?


Develop marketing strategy closely aligned with organizational goals and objectives


Hire and lead marketing resources to execute strategy

Buyer Journey

Outline buyer journey including not only digital but all potential touchpoints

Digital Roadmap

Work across business units to develop technology roadmap


Optimize messaging, positioning, and branding

Reporting and Analytics

Manage KPIs and develop reports to track and refine tactics. 

But why?

Who Needs a Fractional CDMO?

  • You are busy executing marketing campaigns instead of leading entire business as CEO
  • You’re uncertain what marketing initiatives to consider next
  • You don’t have your customer journey mapped out or actionable KPIs identified
  • You understand digital’s benefits but aren’t sure where to even begin your efforts

Get the digital marketing expertise you need to transform and grow your business

Delegate your marketing initiatives to an expert to save time and realize a greater return on your marketing investments.
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